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Be assured that one day soon God will do away with death forever. If you know anything about waivers and NAMI you would also know how tedious they can become as well as the hoops, loops and circles that they would make you do for anything. He asked how i was and said its always good to see a familiar face and on a Carrier, familiar might not be a word used very often.No matter how many times he would come in though he always had a smile upon his face and a pack of Oreo's he would leave on the desk for me just for the help even though it was apart of my job. Some times the people you see in in your life are the ones who make the biggest impact whether they notice it or not..... During my first underway On the Bush I saw LCDR Johnson in the P way. Though he may not have known it but LCDR Johnson left a huge i m pact on me and makes me proud to be a Sailor.I was acquainted with this fine officer in the weeks leading up to the 2017 deployment with USS GHW Bush, and had the pleasure of continuing our contact while onboard during COMPTUEX.

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He clearly made a positive difference in the lives of those who visited our Center. Korrina's laughter and joy were always so contagious.May the memories of her love and beauty sustain you during this sad time. I know your angel will watch over all of her precious loved ones, until you reunite in Heaven.-Thank you Sir My sincerest condolences and heartfelt prayers to Curtis's family and friends.I worked with Curtis at Colonial National Historical Park from 1984-1988. it's the name of one of the 3 ships that landed at Jamestown.We have kept in touch for the last 52 years and also became brother firefighters in two different cities. I had the priviledge of knowing Henry for over 25 years as we were friendly competitors.

Henry and I served on the board of the Hampton Roads ALA, and we both volunteered for the USO of Hampton Roads.So many years ago and watching the boys play T-Ball to Baseball. Unfortunately, we will be out of town during Duke's Memorial Services but You will be in our hearts . I must have played a 100 rounds of golf with Henry over the past several years.He loved the game and seldom was there a dull moment when riding in a cart with Henry. May he have fair winds and following seas to his next port of call.My prayer is that all your happy memories will flood your hearts and minds and bring you peace. Debbie John To the Family You have my deepest sympathy for your loss. Geri came to my mind and was wondering why I haven’t heard from her on each other birthdays! I’m soooo sorry to hear of the passing of your mom almost a year ago. I was station in Meridian, MS and worked under LT Mizera.May God provide you with comfort during this grievous time. We worked side by side for 12 years at the Ford Motor Company in Norfolk. We enjoyed each other humor there and I especially enjoyed when she brought in extra lunch for me to taste her cooking. Even after all these years we always exchanged birthday and Christmas cards. LCDR Johnson was an LT then and would come in a couple times a week doing lab work for a waiver request. With in a couple hours he came down to medical and appoligized for not recognizing me.Dear Dale, I am so sad for you and your boys and their families. I remember the night of my dad's visitation when he came by my mom's house and shared stories, and lightened all of our hearts.