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As a result, their friendship and intimacy deepens and their relationship becomes stronger.They discover that purity isn’t just the absence of sex; it’s an expression of love. We should not focus on how close we can get to sin without sinning any more than we should focus on how close we can get to hitting an oncoming car.

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Purity is not simply a matter obeying rules or staying on one side of a boundary that you’ve created.

It is a battle for your motives and imagination—your heart and mind—as well as your body.

When it comes to dating and morality, the most commonly asked question is, “How far is too far?

How does this take place, and how can you know where to set boundaries when it comes to affection?

If you could speak to the heart of your future spouse right now, would you say, “Live in the moment! One young man said, “I heard somebody say that you can judge your own character by the things you do in private.

I’d take that a step further and say you can judge your own character by the things you do with your girlfriend.”[3] Perhaps the easiest way to find out if your actions conform to authentic love is to imagine God sitting on a nearby sofa watching you. The second and more important element of love is the desire for what is best for the other, that is, to desire heaven for him or her.

If his presence would cause immediate shame or the desire to stop dead in your tracks, ask yourself why. As Pope John Paul II said, “When a man and a woman are united by true love, each one takes on the destiny, the future of the other, as his or her own.”[4] Such love elevates and intensifies the desire for unity so that the two want to be together not for just a night but for eternity.

If God is love, and you “really love” the other person, shouldn’t you be thrilled to have Love himself witness everything you do together? That awkwardness in your heart exists when you know your actions are not pure expressions of love. If a man craves unity with a woman, but he does not desire her salvation, it is not love.

Until he is, we’ll have a terribly hard time discerning love from lust.

If you truly wish to know the will of God as it relates to purity, come to him in prayer. Do not be afraid to meet him in the silence of your interior life.

How to draw the line Only date people who share your moral standards.