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Hungarian women are much like Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian women from what I have read. But the catch is that the young, hot women generally don't want to date average-looking foreigners who are over 30.

An article worth reading if you're interested in Hungarian women: part is Hungarian, but I don't know much about the place. If you are older than 30 and not particularly handsome, I wouldn't bother coming here.

Our Message: You Can Solve Your Problems & Change Your Life by Escaping America for a Better Life and Love Overseas! You know, they say Hungarian Jews are some of the smartest in the world. I quit my boring cubicle slave job and now I'm Happier Abroad... Find out which country's women are best for you, and which dating site to look for them on! Most of this information is just a pleasant-sounding exaggeration, just a fantasy.

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Quite a long time remnants of patriarchal family maintained in Hungary.

The man considered to be uncontested head of the family and disobeying his will was unthinkable.

Hungarian women prefer men to be more aggressive, but being aggressive won't do anything for you if they don't already consider you handsome. I'd choose the Christian girls of Poland/Ukraine for sure.

Hungarian girls suck in comparison to Romanian girls.

Skip to content Does anyone have experience visiting Hungary? Hungary is on my list of top five countries to visit in search of a bride. There's some text that reads "Join Our Facebook Page" but no link to anything. However, not all Hungarian women are beautiful: some become very wrinkled from being in the sun too much and from smoking too much by the time they're 30, some were always fat or ugly.

Hungary also has some of the most beautiful women in the world. So maybe they're just trying to rank so they can make ad money. Just simple, "I love your post" or "great website" instead of real conversations. I just get in online business mode and try to analyze things. But yeah, a far greater percentage of women are hot here than in most anglo countries.So, as a result, the women are more traditional than Hungarian women and less likely to be Westernized? Its cultural, historical and national traditions Hungarians cherish with special warmth.After all, really dumb people could say that Japanese people are "much like" Chinese people, but anybody with more experience will begin to see the differences quickly. lol I quit my boring cubicle slave job and now I'm Happier Abroad... Find out which country's women are best for you, and which dating site to look for them on! Here's a good page to see what young average to above average Hungarian women look like, but again they will generally only date handsome, cool guys who aren't too much older than they are. That's especially good cause those Hungarian women in those pictures dont seem hot enough to me to even be picky.I don't know about any of the three nationalities you listed above, but I know that Hungarian women are a bit different than Czech women. The women in Northern Europe are much more attractive.Romanian girls are more old-fashioned as they are trying to be attractive to men with the way they dress.