Hunting dating

The most frequent problem I hear from single clients is that of how and where to search for a partner.

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Find a group or a class on the subject, and you’ll automatically find others who love it.Through them, you can meet more people, and learn about new resources for finding people who share your interest.In a bar, the odds increase that you’ll find someone with a drinking problem and no life.Instead, find regularly scheduled activities where you can meet and talk to like-minded people, getting to know them a bit before you decide to date them.• If you’re playing or watching sports, concentrate on the game.

• At a committee meeting, the PTA or a volunteer group, get the work done.

Most of the horror stories you have heard about dating occur when daters rush the process.

Getting intimately involved with someone you don’t know, allowing strangers into your home, or being all alone with someone you just met is just asking for trouble.

In the end, you'll be very frustrated and exhausted, and you’ll have no squirrels.

Or, you can go to where the squirrels are, offer them something attractive, like walnuts, and wait quietly, just enjoying the day and the place.

I like to use the metaphor of “Squirrel Hunting” when I talk to clients about how to date successfully.