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I am not at ease paying my contributions because the PAG-IBIG system sucks.

AND you better tell all your family and friends about this too! This is limited to VISA and Mastercard holders only.I’m sure, you wouldn’t want them to be left behind, right? Enjoying our Journey To Millions, Thank you Pinoy Social Network for dropping by to our site. 🙂 Reply Hi Lennon Agno, You can try these links: they accept payments for SSS and Pag-IBIG. Although I haven’t tried them but a lot of sites suggest them. 🙂 Reply If you are an OFW, I suggest not to pay your Pag-ibig contributions online (through credit cards).You can only pay in full (if you have a housing loan).If you pay months in advance (even just for contributions), Pag-ibig will just hold your money and reflect the payment for each succeeding month until all your advance payment is spent. I also tried Pay Pilipinas to pay for my MP2 contribution. 🙂 Health insurance and life insurance are two different things po.Tama po ba na ako din ang nagbayad ng employer’s share kahit ako na ung nagbayad nung share ko as employee? 🙂 Reply hello pano po pala babayaran yung underpayments mo sa mga bayadcenter ?

kasi i paid 450 for the advance payment of january 2014 to march 2014 pero nagbayad ako noon nung december 2013 pa ..I believe the money po can be used to pay for the fees associated with transferring the ownership of your properties to your loved ones.🙂 Reply I always encourage others to pay their SSS contributions. For PAG-IBIG, I am member and I even availed for PAG-IBIG II program but after visiting the PAG-IBIG Makati Branch last June 2013, I was so disappointed.🙂 Regarding the contribution, I asked our HR about this.She told me that P100 is the maximum contribution of an employee and employer to Pag-IBIG but an employee can go as high as P1000 per month para makapag-loan ng malaki for a property.Honestly, it’s a lot of work for an online transaction. If you’re single OFW, no dependents and have been paying the maximum SSS and Philhealth contribution voluntarily, would you still recommend getting another health/life insurance from private company? Health insurance po is for everyone, bata, matanda, may ngipin o wala.