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For INJs there is an extreme level of distrust and demonization of the body and its processes because Si remains so totally alien and out of the control of the INJ as the shadowy eighth function.

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For Intuitives trying to live authentically, there may be an attempt to rely on others or expect the world to help them meet essential physical needs so that they don’t have to spend energy in the grip trying to attain them, instead turning their attention to the theoretical, intellectual, metaphysical, and spiritual.

Society, as a general rule however, is usually not terribly sympathetic to the Intuitive’s approach, often perceiving such behavior as laziness, incompetence, and/or entitlement.

What hasn’t really been covered is the way that these external sense perceptions translate to and affect their eighth function, Introverted Sensing (Si), which is largely responsible for preserving balance and homeostasis in the body.

It is my belief that, in addition to the need to differentiate Ni as the dominant function, much of the aversion to Se that emerges early in the development of the INJ is also directly tied to a fear of conjuring unwanted bodily responses a la Si.

But for the INTJ and INFJ the relative unfamiliarity and inexperience with the Sensing world can put them at a disadvantage when it comes to some of these essential survival needs.

Deftly manipulating or navigating the environment via physical strength and agility is usually not a viable option – and not the most efficient use of energy for an Ni.While it may be easy for Intuitives struggling with this problem to feel sorry for themselves, modern society has in many ways become much more amenable to their plight as advances in technology have made many of the Si discomforts of the past but faint memories (outhouses anyone? Additionally, jobs have transitioned from bring primarily manual labor based with computer technology and the internet becoming one of the most favorable for Intuitive types.And as more social programs that assure a base level of living and healthcare are implemented, the perception of the dog-eat-dog world that INJs find so terrifying is dissipated as well.Only later in development, when and if the need to individuate becomes too great to ignore, does the lure of Se begin to outweigh the risk of disturbing Si.Even still, the INTJ and INFJ will often experience an internal tug-of-war on the matter, the Se drive surrendering if the risk of bodily harm or discomfort is too great.Often, exposing oneself to the rigors of the Se environment means risking putting some form of stress or strain on the body.