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It was nerve-wracking at first and I felt guilty that I'd had our father in my life and they hadn't.

'We started off having lunches together, but then spent nearly every day together for about a year-and-a-half.

Understandably, Ione and Donovan didn't really want to know my dad because he wasn't there for them when he should have been.

We got very close and even though it's difficult to see them — because I live in Majorca and they are in America — we try to get together when we can.'There is still a process going on between them and Dad. Ione was particularly resentful of him — and quite rightly so. She invited my mother and father and it was the first time they had all been together.In his teens, he was selling out every major stadium in the world.But by the time he was 24, he was disillusioned and burnt out.' Muse At the age of 24, Donovan dropped out of sight and went to live in Ireland with Linda, the woman he calls his 'muse'. He adopted her son, Julian — the result of her affair with tragic Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, who drowned in his swimming pool at the age of 27 after a suspected drugs overdose — and the couple had two children of their own, Oriole and Astrella.Her first single, Dream, is being released next month on Donovan Discs — the record label she has set up with her father.

And it is instantly clear from talking to her that she is not only creative, but has a sound business head — Astrella and her music manager husband, Jason Rothberg, also have a property company which she can fall back on if her music career doesn't take off.'It got a little bit too much too soon, so my father pulled me back,' she recalls.'He didn't want the same thing happening to me that had happened to him in the Sixties.And his other daughter, Astrella Celeste, endured a six-year relationship with her heroin-addicted lover, Paul Ryder, from the rock band Happy Mondays.Yet, somehow, the family has survived and, today, Donovan is more likely to be found playing contentedly with his grandchildren than indulging in the excesses of his past.He was the ultimate hippy who left behind him a legacy of memorable flower-power songs such as Hurdy Gurdy Man, Mellow Yellow and Jennifer Juniper.