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The Department of Inspections and Appeals can require a facility to provide staffing above the minimum level based on the needs of its individual residents (481 IAC 58.11(2)).

Kansas uses a combination of direct care hours and specific staff-to-patient ratios.

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In addition, several states require a minimum number of registered or licensed practical nurses (RN or LPN) to be on duty or on call at all law phases in new staffing ratios over three years.The regulations must set separate minimum standards for licensed nurses and for other direct caregivers such as certified nurse assistants and psychiatric technicians.The law further requires the department, in consultation with other entities, to review those standards for sufficiency by January 1, 2006 and every five years thereafter and revise the ratios, if necessary (Cal Health and Safety Code 1276.65, as amended by Assembly Bill 1075).s 2001 legislation sets separate minimum patient care hour staffing standards for nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs).Facilities with between 20 and 50 beds must have an additional nurse on day shift duty; larger facilities must add one nurse for each 50 beds.

On the evening shift, one licensed nurse is needed for every 70 beds. Level I facilities provide intensive skilled nursing, including restorative services.

All homes must have at least one licensed nurse on duty during all shifts.s new law requires the Department of Health Services to develop regulations, which must become effective by August 1, 2003, that establish direct care staff-to-patient ratios.

In no case can the regulations require less than the current 3.2 nursing hours of care per patient day.

At least one registered nurse must be on duty during day shifts, and at least one must be on duty or on call during evening and night shifts (N. Regulations also set specific nurse-to-patient ratios, depending on the facility census and shift.

The ratios range from one RN or LPN on each shift in facilities with fewer than 150 residents to two RNs on each shift in facilities with 251 to 500 residents, and eight RNs on the day shift in facilities with 1,001 or more residents (28 PA Code 211.12).

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