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Cops race up and PIT him and he spins out into a building and still fights the cops when they grab him, Miami FL - Two car thieves tear through a residential neighborhood in a white Toyota. The Odd Couple Tape #5 - Myrna's Debut, The Oddyssey Couple, Last Tango in Newark, Odd Decathlon, The Insomniacs, That Was No Lady, The Pig Who Came to Dinner, The Moonlighter, Vocal Girl Makes Good, Shuffling Off to Buffalo, Old Flames Never Die w/2001 Ad, The Subway Story, Felix Remarries, The Laundry Orgy, The Jury Story, The Big Brothers, The Murray Who Came to Dinner, I'm Dying of Unger 1213. 1/17/97, On the Mississippi River in New Orleans a 775 foot grain boat, the Bright Field, is out of control and crashes into the River Walk Mall #1089. They almost hit two cars then slam into a woman driving a brown car and crash into a house and run. 1/23/97, Public Service Video of a Conrail train crashing into a car #1093. 9/04, Joey, Dharma & Greg - Unarmed and Dangerous, Stephen King on the Today Show 9/20/04 1202. - Lately, Diamond & the Psychotic Neurotics - Sally Got a One Track Mind, Mariah Carey - Breakdown, Mary J. 11/20/96, In Santiago, Chile a fire on the 14th floor of an office building rages out of control and people are trapped #1055. Michael Jackson Tape #4 - MJ's Home Movies: Up Close & Personal with the King of Pop (2002) 1355.

Circle around her clit with one finger, gliding diagonally across the surface, rubbing up and down, or going side to side.Next, try using your fingers inside of her, starting with one, then moving up to two and three.He does crack while driving and hits stop sticks, punctures his tires, crosses a median and races into oncoming traffic until he crashes into a car. 11/19/98, In Ontario, Canada a high speed chase of a Chevy Camero that hit 13 cars in 60 miles #3047. He gets out and runs, but is caught and says he didn't know what was going on and got 10 years in jail, Chilton County AL - Cops track a suspect doing 120mph in a stolen turbo charged all wheel drive car. S., Ko Rn - Freak On A Leash, Diary of Ko Rn Part II - A Decade in the Game, Lizz Wright - Open Your Eyes, Christion - Full of Smoke, Me'shell Ndege'ocello - Pocketbook, Jonell/Method Man - Round & Round, EPMD - So Wat Cha Sayin', Mary J. 11/17/98, In Fulton Co, GA RC Hayes chases a DWI going 78mph #3050. The driver is ambulanced off, Robbers on the Run Special Edition - Harrisburg PA - At rush hour on a clogged freeway cops set up a blockade. 1/29/97, In Laurel, DE 2 men skydive from 13,000 feet #1126.

Two thieves in two stolen Mercedes come along and cops put up spike strips. 3/31/97, In Louisville, KY a group watches an airshow from the roof of a building #2010. One thief doesn't make it and the other one swerves away and almost takes out a cop. 9/19/97, In Joshua, TX Joel Hartless chases storms to tape lightning strikes #2012. A second strip is put down and he almost takes out another cop. 9/23/97, At the South Florida Mikasuka Indian Village Kenny Cypress wrestles a 10 foot alligator #2144. Finger licking good It’s important to have clean, well-groomed hands when you’re touching a woman’s genitals.Keep your fingernails trimmed and filed, to avoid scratching her sensitive skin.You can use her natural fluids as lubricant (just dip your fingers into her vaginal opening), but doesn’t last as long as lube and she may feel embarrassed if she gets dry.