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Menopause, which she is "smack-dab in the middle of," has brought an awareness that a chapter of her life has closed.And simply "being in the last half of your life," she says, "is very scary.Turning 55 was more of a wake-up call on that front for me than 50 was." So when she talks about having fun, Katie's not talking about a giddy escape from the vicissitudes of life. She's talking about something else, about embracing her life with all its trials and challenges.

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After today's recording session, she and Ellie will be cheering on Carrie at a school track meet.But Katie's all too aware that Carrie will be at college like her sister soon, and then Katie will be alone.John Couric, who died of complications from Parkinson's disease, was a former newspaper editor, his daughter's role model, and Katie's lifelong fan.She has lost others — her husband, Jay Monahan, to colon cancer in 1998; her sister Emily, a Virginia state senator, to pancreatic cancer 11 years ago — and while her father's passing, at almost 91, didn't have the tragic elements of their untimely deaths, it was a deep blow all the same."They're very proficient at the surgical strike, [knowing] just where that tender spot is," she notes ruefully.

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