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A more comical subversion is when the imposter looks nothing like the person they are imitating, but people still act like they are identical, even if they haven't bothered with a Paper-Thin Disguise.The less the two look alike in this situation the more likely it is that no one can spot the difference.

And that Peter's favorite cookies are ginger-snaps and he Tash shrugged.

"Clones don't really understand feelings that well.

Another subversion is for neither of them to be an imposter but in fact both are two parts of the same person split with Applied Phlebotinum; see Evil Twin and Literal Split Personality.

If they are two (visibly) different people but both claiming to be the 'real' whatever-position-would-be-relevant (captain, mother, president, owner, etc), see Judgment of Solomon.

“Yes they were invited,” the actress, 68, replied in the comments section on Instagram Wednesday, […] Hot mama!

Kate Hudson, 38, is expecting a baby girl with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa.

Fans of the cult classic 'The Twilight Zone' might be amused that Lertzman and Birnes include an anecdote that creator Rod Serling was heavily influenced by Jacobson's medication as he penned the show.

The heroes encounter a situation where the villain is an imposter of one of their own and/or a sympathetic character.

A common subversion is for the protagonist to either shoot in a blind guess that turns out correct, or simply shoot both and see who gets madder.

In both situations, the victim of the imposter is likely to be incensed that the hero couldn't tell him from his doppelganger.

The real Hoole would have known I couldn't shoot him, but the clone wouldn't know that.