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Is Claire Danes‘ CIA agent Carrie crazy, or are her suspicions that returning war hero Brody (Emmy winner Damian Lewis(Paramount Home Entertainment) Season six started off with one of the funniest storylines in Dexter history, as our favorite serial killer attended his high school reunion (picture it: Dexter dancing).

Things were a little rocky after that, with some crazy storylines involving guest stars Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks, but the season ended with shocking Dexter/Deb happenings, and that’s where we pick up with season seven, which debuts on Showtime on Sept. Bonus features: Cast interviews and episodes of other Showtime series, like (Warner Home Video) A sad loss for Sam and Dean meant the Winchester brothers were on their own just when they were faced with their toughest and most dangerous foes ever. Bonus features: Unaired scenes, gag reel, episode commentaries, featurettes on show directors and composers and a fan-favorite video of star Jensen Ackles singing an Air Supply classic.

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30 season two premiere on ABC, during which Emily will try to locate her previously-resumed-dead mom (Jennifer Jason Leigh).Bonus features: Bloopers, deleted scenes, pilot episode commentary, music videos and featurettes like (Warner Home Video) High concept, yes, but fantastic performances by Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel sold the first season of this drama about a billionaire who uses access to U. intelligence agency data to team with a presumed dead CIA agent to try and prevent violent crimes. 27 on CBS and we’ll learn what exactly Root has up her sleeve for the kidnapped Finch (Emerson).But it’ll look cool hanging in the lavatory for those important party potty breaks.LUSH Shark Fin Soap at (.95) So, if you’re gonna trick out the bathroom, may as well have this cool soap on the sink, too.Shark Week 2015 marks the 28th anniversary of the annual celebration of and fascination with all things shark-y.

Because there ain’t no party like a Shark Week party, a round-up of this year’s best shark-themed goodies, suitable for any shark soiree: Shark Week Sunglasses by Knockaround () Gotta keep those peepers nice and protected, all the better to spot sharks with.

Bonus features: A gag reel, a behind-the-scenes feature on the various departments that bring the show to life very week, a cast reflection on season five and (warner Home Video) Roommate waitresses and aspiring cupcake shop owners Max and Caroline met up with Martha Stewart in season one, so, when the show kicks off season two on Sept.

24, they’re even more jazzed to launch their bakery.

(Buena Vista Home Entertainment) Orphaned Emily’s plot for revenge against those who turned against her father took some surprising turns in this first-season drama, a delicious, guilty pleasure primetime soap.

Catch up with all 22 episodes in time for the Sept.

But first, Steven Weber will pop in as Caroline’s estranged, Bernie Madoff-y dad.