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I think he and Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz all showed nice chemistry in the trailer. He puts a lot of thought and nuance into his performances.

He probably worked very hard on his self-esteem to finally come out publicly and put his career on the line.[quote] Went also revealed himself to be way more sensitive than we imagined. Then they criticize them for their out gay lives, relationships or looks. We get it already: you hate yourself--and just want to spread that shit around.[quote]Brave would have been when he had a hit show.He probably worked very hard on his self-esteem to finally come out publicly and put his career on the line."Went"? You could substitute "foolhardy" for "brave." He worked as an assistant for FIVE YEARS before catching a break; not his first time at the rodeo. Why do you think former make-up artist Jeremy Renner can't be dislodged from his closet with dynamite?Greg Berlanti is the person who offered Wentworth the role on "The Flash." Wentworth alluded to having known him a long time in an interview last year, but of course didn't mention that they met while he was dating Luke while Luke was on Brothers & Sisters, which Berlanti executive produced.Captain Cold was originally supposed to be a guest star one-off appearance, but the character became a fan favorite on social media, and is also a favorite of Geoff Johns, one of the other producers who has also written for that character in the comics extensively, so now he's front and center on all the Legends of Tomorrow promos.Here he is in Poland a couple of weeks ago - and this is with several layers of clothes. But instead he peddled the same soft bullshit of - oh, no one ever asked me. From the link below."I think that if LGBTQ visibility has improved in Hollywood (and apparently it has), it's mainly in television.

Not because I hate gays necessarily, but because I'm afraid of alienating audiences. What we need are a string of successful movies starring openly gay actors playing both gay and straight leading roles.Or you know what, I'll try to be nice and say that on a scale of 1 to 5 for braveness(one being the worst, five being the best), he's like a 3.Not the worst of the worst, but if he had come out while he was on Prison Break, that would have truly been something.But that's not going to happen until someone - several someones - risks hiring those actors in the first place.It's a Catch-22."Can you link to him saying no one ever asked him, because I've been following his career for years and have never seen him say anything like that.But the last time I checked, IMDB said its pilot was shot in Vancouver. Wentworth also supposedly was in a very long term relationship with celebrity photographer Mark Liddell before Luke, and I guess was fuck buddies with Tyron Leitso, his on-screen brother from Dinotopia. Amazing that he sold half a dozen screenplays in the interim, got tired of doing that, came out and waltzed right back to starring on his own TV show.