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PYNK singer Janelle narrates, saying: 'They drained us of our dirt and all the things that made us special.

'Then you were lost, sleeping and you didn't remember anything at all,' it concluded.

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“The truth is when people look at me and Janelle and these characters that we play in the music video, people have called it a bisexual anthem, if it makes people feel liberated in their skin and feel closer to who they are than I think we did our job.” People have often wondered about Monae’s sexuality and up until a recent interview with , she kept it private. That people feel more free, no matter where they are in their lives, that they feel celebrated. Now she’s proclaimed herself “sexually liberated” and wanted the video to translate the message of self-celebration no matter sexual preference, body shape, ethnicity or age. “Androids will embrace the unique even if it makes others uncomfortable.That’s what I’m looking for: uniqueness.”She found it in , a likely Oscar contender in which challenges of “fitting in” are taken to their darkest extremes.“The script had me crying as soon as I read it — I knew these characters,” says Monae, who co-stars alongside Trevante Rhodes and Andre Holland and drew on memories of an older cousin for a performance Vanity Fair called “warm and effective.” Stepping on set Monae was nervous, until director Barry Jenkins assured her there was no such thing as a bad mistake.

“Working with her was like getting to know an old friend,” says Jenkins. As she put it, she was there to work.”Her film education continued with . “These women were so important, but when it was time to tell the story, their male counterparts took credit. ” Adds Williams, one of the film’s executive producers: “Janelle poured her heart and soul into this role — this story was important for her to get right.” Lately, Monae has lent her voice to the Black Lives Matter movement, marching with an epic slice of Prince-inspired funk and R&B which embodies an eye-popping celebration of Bisexuality.The video features Janelle & Tessa and takes place in a bar where men and women are free to flirt and love whoever they want.She also released the neo-spiritual “Hell You Talmbout,” which urges listeners to recite the names of African-Americans killed by vigilantes and police.“I’m tired of the constant judgment we have to deal with.In the visual album Janelle plays a young woman named Jane 57821, who lives in world where citizens are called 'computers' and nothing is as it seems.'Dirty Computer explores humanity and what truly happens to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when mind and machines merge, and when the government chooses fear over freedom,' according to the film's press release.