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One time they were both talking to me on the other side of the wallpaper rack and I just was slowly jerking off.When I came, she just smiled and asked me if everything was okay. One time I was jerking my cock to the woman at the front counter as her paint shook; she turned just as I was cumming, I took my hand off my cock as my cum shot all over the machine and the side of her can.

After a few days, she asked me to help her with some basic painting, so I did.

I did keep stealing glances at her, as she is in good shape and was wearing a blue bikini .

I went down to the shore to stay at my friend's mom's house.

I am forty-two and in good shape and she is around sixty-five, with short blonde hair, and tan.

She told me to stand up and cum on her stomach and legs, I sprayed my cum all over her, all the way down to her feet. She told me to text her when I was going to be in the shower again, which was about two hours later.

She was cooking dinner for her boyfriend and I was jerking off for her as she stirred the pot.

When I went to the counter, she said it looked like I made a bit of a mess back there and smiled.

I smiled and said, "Yeah but your paint is perfect." She has been in a few times since then.~~~~~~This episode started at the beginning of last summer.

She just stood and watched me and she said it was so shiny and hard.

She said, "Mikey, I really like watching you." I told her I was going to cum for her.

We text almost every day, and she loves it when I tell her I'm jerking off on the couch for her.