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Tens of thousands of people started digging up parks around Britain, spade in one hand, muddied book in the other, every so often stopping to study the beautiful illustrations which contained messages around their borders and to re-read the poem on the title page.

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With the treasure safely buried, the book was released and the hunt was on.

Families and friends formed organised groups, school children went out hunting with their teachers, and treasure hunters flooded into Britain from overseas.

It took Williams three years to paint the book's 15 highly-detailed illustrations, just over a month to make the beautiful 18-carat-gold amulet, and one very dark night in Ampthill Park, Bedfordshire, to bury it - accompanied only by University Challenge host Bamber Gascoigne (as ' unimpeachable witness') who came brandishing a very smelly Tupperware pot.

'Because there were cattle in the field, we took a Tupperware container of cow poo and Bamber did the pouring of the cow poo to disguise the hole,' said Williams.

The idea of the hare hunt sprang from Kit's childhood disappointment with other treasure hunts.

'When I was a child you would see on the back of a cereal packet: Great Treasure Hunt - and when it came down to it, it wasn't a great treasure hunt at all - it was just plastic or something,' he has said.Tons of free vintage porn action under one single stream that updates daily and makes it so that you never have to look at another site to get the old school goodness you need!Hop right into the wildest porn videos of yesteryear and get hooked with all the nasty shit they did back in the day.'It became a sort of cult, and because of that people read much more into it than I put there,' he has said.'People felt I'd included their dead grandfather, that sort of thing.A man called Fred Hancock was so fanatical he drove 120,000 miles from spot to spot, digging as he went. No one was ever going to get rich, except perhaps in spirit.