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CJI Khehar on Thrusday said the petitions will be heard by a Constitution Bench as the issues involved are 'very important and involve sentiments'.Several Muslim women have challenged triple talaq, in which the husband pronounces talaq thrice in one go, sometimes even via phone or text message.The bench had however, made it clear that it was not dealing with the issue of Uniform Civil Code (UCC), which is currently being examined by the Law Commission of India.

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Selection: If RMvlc agrees to take the case, the staff will set up a follow-up appointment.If the case is not appropriate for RMvlc or RMvlc is unable to take the case, staff will provide referrals to other agencies.Reshma was not lucky enough to get media attention about seven years ago and after the police refused to help her, she approached the district court and is still pursuing her case.'I got married to Ishtekhar Malik, a native of Dehradun, in December 2010.However, after a week he sent me back to my parents and the next week, he gave me talaq over the phone,' she told Mail Today.'Later, we came to know that he was having an affair with a tenant of his house and that is why he left me.'We also approached the police a number of times but were chased away like animals. After seeing the media attention Shagufta is receiving, Reshma reached the district hospital to meet her.'I was very surprised and relieved to see how the media has helped her.However, the All India Muslim Personal Board (AIMPLB) has urged the SC 'not to meddle with its personal laws'.

Atiya Sabri too had approached the top court, challenging triple talaq given by her husband on a piece of paper.

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Then we decided to file a suit in the district court and are still running from pillar to post to get justice even after 7 years.'Reshma said her father died a few years ago and she's living with her elderly mother. Now I also have hope for a better future,' she said.'At the hospital, I met Atiya Sabri.

I was surprised to see her confidence and we instantly became friends as we are victims of the same 'curse' of our religion.'Now I feel my confidence level boosted up and I will also approach the PM and the CM.' Atiya was also excited with the developments of the past few days.'We are firstly thankful to the media for taking up our cause.

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