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Like most American sitcoms in the 1980s, the series sometimes dealt with moral conflicts, but not in a heavy-handed fashion.

In the episode "Bad Timing", which first aired February 7, 1987, David and a former girlfriend debate whether to have sex.

The family dog, Murray, died in a season-one story line; although the plot of the episode ("Dog Day Afternoon") mentions that Murray was 17 years old and already in mediocre health, his death is the result of injuries he suffered from a fall from a storm-downed tree in the Hogan's backyard.

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(1986–1987) (seasons 1-2) Lorimar Productions (1986) (season 1) Lorimar-Telepictures (1986–1988) (seasons 2-3) Lorimar Television (1988–1991) (seasons 4-6) The Hogan Family (originally titled Valerie, and later, Valerie's Family) is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from March 1, 1986, to May 7, 1990, and on CBS from September 15, 1990, until July 20, 1991.It was produced by Miller-Boyett Productions, along with Tal Productions, Inc.NBC explained that the series would take on difficult conflicts facing the family during the grieving process.To make good on their promise, Miller-Boyett and Tartikoff brought in Sandy Duncan as the series' new lead.A jock with a big-man-on-campus attitude, Rich was especially known for calling David "Hogie" (or "Hoagie").

Valerie had switched careers, now working as a freelance graphic artist, so she could be more available to her sons.After the couple failed to be on the set for three consecutive episodes, Lorimar decided they had enough, and fired Harper.The Valerie Hogan character was written out of the show by having died in a car accident.Barbara was written out of the show, and the close friend/cohort role became occupied by neighbor Annie Steck (Judith Kahan), mother of a teenage daughter Rebecca (played in one episode by Paula Hoffman).The other neighbor, busybody Patty Poole (Edie Mc Clurg), began appearing occasionally, as did David's friend Rich (Tom Hodges).During the show's third season (Duncan's first as the show's star), the series was known as Valerie's Family (The Hogans), and finally as The Hogan Family.