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Watch Video The choices we make and events we experience don’t necessarily build a straight and stable bridge.Life is more like a rope bridge-you see the path and the other side, but getting there is a wobbly, thrilling and unexpected journey. Watch Video For the first time in history, women have more parents to care for than children.When we make choices about what to eat, we’re making choices that wildly affect how long we’re going to live, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In a heartfelt, honest talk at TEDx SMUWomen, she reveals how the shift in perception has shaped and influenced her work in dismantling systems of oppression. People heal from the smallest to largest assaults on their humanity every day, and when we look at the basic components for how people heal, we realize so can we.

Watch Video What is a #sidehustle and why do over 44 million Americans have one?

Many plants and wildlife are on the brink of extinction, including the Blackland Prairie eco-region.

Trevor Burke is working to protect this critically endangered environment and passionately encourages us to preserve our world for future generations.

Watch Video When mistaken for an elementary school student in seventh grade, Mary Orsak became self-conscious of her height and her age.

However, Mary overcame these anxieties and found her own voice after starting her own nonprofit, Story Power Inc.It’s going to take all of us, working together to save species from extinction and create a better world for animals here and around the globe.You can help in big ways and small, through your daily actions and decisions, even [...] Watch Video Life is everywhere, but not all life is thriving.Speaking of the periodic table: Please GAF about manterrupting! They are each an ADJECTIVE NOUN that means very fast: BREAKNECKSPEED and BLISTERINGPACE go together idiomatically. As an advocate fighting for society’s most vulnerable people, political activist Mercedes Fulbright shares her story about the legacy trauma leaves as she unpacks her shame and Imposter Syndrome. You watched your entire village burn to the ground.Learn how education, self-motivation, personal responsibility and active engagement in school and community can unlock opportunities for maximizing your potential…no matter your background.