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Their ship was captured by the Dutch from a Portuguese ship destined for Brazil.

However, the majority of slaves were gradually brought to the Cape from the Dutch East Indies in Asia by the Dutch.

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The VOC used this as an opportunity to import political exiles from the East Indies to work as slaves in the Cape Colony.

The Malays waiting for the boats at Somerset Strand. The VOC which colonised portions of South East Asia and practiced slavery introduced the system to the Cape.

Those people that opposed the colonization and occupation of their lands by the Dutch were taken as political prisoners or shipped to exile at the Cape of Good Hope as slaves.

The first slaves arrived in the latter half of the seventeenth century with the initial load coming from Africa.

The main group of African immigrant’s came from East Africa, Madagascar and West Africa.

Many of these people were skilled artisans, such as silversmiths, milliners, cobblers, singers, masons and tailors.

This changed after the VOC established their presence at the Cape.