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Hi there Dustin, If you do another rotation on the crankshaft the camshafts should line up.

The guy skipped a step and for that reason when I went to loosen bolt on sprocket it rotated. To the right of it about 6 inches and down a little close to the flywheel is what I assuming is the Crank Sensor. It certainly doesn't serve a purpose on the outside of the block.

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if not what exact parts would i need to buy to get my car running healthly again. Artem, I had to replace the chain guides (plastics) inside the heads and the 1/2 moon gaskets etc etc...the mark on the camshaft have to be dead center on the arrow (stamped in head) or there's some tolerance?

Sounds like you will need to replace the serpentine belt tensioner. I used the tool and everything seems to be lined up but somehow they are not perfectly centered either at the beginning or the end and Im not sure if it has to do with the tensioner... and Thank you for this informative page..really appreciated Yes they do but see the lines on the camshaft are a little thicker than the arrows on the head cap...

Any thought if this is the correct spot for my car (1996 a4 v6 2.8l)Guess I learned something new today.

Looks like the 12V 2.8 engines have the crankshaft position sensor in that spot while the 30V 2.8 engines have a plastic plug and the crank sensor is in a different location.

Start at the crankshaft sprocket and go to the right over the idler, over the driver camshaft sprocket, then under the water-pump, then over the passenger camshaft sprocket, and finally over the tensioner pulley. Pull back the hose clamp and then pull back the hose until the bleed hole is no longer sealed. The cam pulleys are bigger than the crank pulley, so they turn half as fast.

You don't have to worry about the camshafts moving because the sprockets are able to rotate freely. Pour coolant into the reservoir until coolant begins flowing out of the bleed hole in the hose. There is also a bleed screw on the front coolant pipe. Im at the step where you line up the timing marks to the crankshaft pulley. I think it's 2 turns of the crank for each camshaft revolution. This friggin crank locking bolt location has become a little daunting.I just can't picture anyone using screw drivers to keep the camshafts aligned.They have to be correctly aligned and the only way to do that is to use some kind of a bar.If it moved slightly, then use the camshaft tool to put them back in their place.The camshaft "keys" (the one's that the camshaft tool goes into) can only be installed one way so even if the camshaft sprocket is loose, you can still use the "keys" to align the camshaft correctly. He is asking the same question that I have - took off the camshaft sprocket and the it saw the camshaft spin about 30 degrees clockwise on the passenger side camshaft - how do I get it back to it's exact position?Once the timing belt is on correctly you can remove the pin from the hydraulic dampener. Again, loosen the screw and pour coolant until it flows from the bleeder hole. Hi Artem, I had my crank set at DTC and both large holes on sprockets facing each other. Directly under the motor mount is whats appears to be #6 hex plug flush to the block, nothing is attached to it on the outside.