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"But thanks to Daddy, who had brought my film-star collection ...

I have transformed the walls into one gigantic picture.

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We understand a thing or two about UK dating and know that for our members it is not something that they have entered into lightly.We care about you and want to make your dating experience a pleasurable one where you will find friends or companions with more ease than you would via traditional dating methods.They were a source of comfort when the family moved in."Our little room looked very bare at first," Anne wrote on 11 July 1942.You leave via the house next door, the museum having long absorbed 265 Prinsengracht.

Here, an exhibition (until April 2015) salutes the helpers, Otto Frank's employees, who kept the family from sight, including Miep Gies, who guarded Anne's diary after the arrests.

In many ways, the home where she hid from 6 July 1942 onwards needs no introduction.

It was the headquarters of Opekta, her father's fruit-extract company.

This is not just a red-letter date in the tragic end to Anne Frank's life. The precise details of her death – in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany, probably of typhus, probably in March 1945 – went unrecorded.

And yet, in the symbol of persecution she has become, she is far more than one body in six million.

It is a hot summer's day in Amsterdam and the holiday-happy queue is snaking around the corner from the Prinsengracht canal, spilling into the adjacent Westermarkt square. Ahead, four teenagers are lost in their smartphones.