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But both appearing on soon-to-air show Bachelor In Paradise has apparently brought Tara Pavlovic and Davey Lloyd together - with the alleged couple all but confirming it with a selfie on Instagram.'Special friends,' the brunette beauty captioned a particularly sweet snap of the duo pulling funny faces.

This isn't the first time they've been seen together since filming wrapped on the new Network Ten series.

And so doing these stories reminds people that these are normal people, going through all the same sort of stuff as we are, and they don't sit at home on the couch thinking, 'I am trans, what am I going to do next', they're just getting on with life the way the rest of us are.

It was quite a heartbreaking story in many ways, because most of us find it pretty hard to find the right person, but for them they've got to deal with the fact that there's a really large portion of society who would never date a trans person, or wouldn't consider dating them.

It's a position we've all found ourselves in and can relate to.

Then we started thinking, 'If it's hard for all of us when we're healthy and able-boded, imagine what it is like when you add in another ingredient like having a genetic condition like Huntingdon's disease?

"I remember going to one where it became clear very early that this person was slightly unhinged, so it was just a matter of getting through this one drink and then getting back on the train.

And on the train back from the date to my house, I got three text messages from her asking when we were going to see each other again. But that's no disrespect to internet dating, you meet plenty of weird people in real-life too.""The texts said, 'Hi I'd love to see you again some time', then five minutes later the next text said, 'Hi, why aren't you texting me back?

It think we laughed about in the end." co-host Mulligan recalls his success with internet dating was somewhat chequered."It reminded me that, even when you have unlimited choice, it still doesn't guarantee that you're going to find your true love and, in fact, it might be an impediment.

I met some really cool people, some of who I became friends with, but I didn't meet my true love.

But now, through this app Minder – the Muslim Tinder – he's found it easier to meet people who fit into his world and have conversations with them.

Technology has really changed the game for him."Raised in Dunedin ("where dating kind of consisted of walking around the same place with another person"), Lloyd confesses she didn't really go on a "proper date" until she first came to Auckland – and it didn't exactly start well.

They originally sparked rumours they'd struck up a romance after sharing a series of playful Facetime snaps together.