Lunch actually dating agency singapore

However, I held off from doing anything about it as I was busy with other things then (namely growing my business), and dating wasn’t my priority.

Hopefully it’ll give you some insight into their service. 😀 Today’s announcement is sort of random (but not really too).

I’ve been thinking of joining Lunch Actually, a premium matchmaking service that arranges one-to-one dates between compatible singles, and I’m intending to blog about my upcoming experience with them.

The funny thing is, meeting compatible people is something that many singles think about (trust me, I know many singles and this is something we talk about all the time), but many shy away from taking action.

I think this is ridiculous and a result of limiting beliefs.

The most common response I got was, “Why would you want to write about something like this?

”, suggesting an undercurrent belief that joining a dating service was taboo, shameful, and perhaps even “desperate.” Which is really unfortunate!🙂 Prior to contacting Lunch Actually, I tried searching for “Lunch Actually reviews” on Google but found nothing helpful. -_-” I did find a blog where the blogger talked about his (or her?) first and second dates, but there was no update after that.Cliff notes: After enrolling at Lunch Actually (with my date package sponsored by them), I went on 4 dates over a 10-month period.I didn’t meet someone compatible though it was an interesting experience.This further reinforces my desire to blog about my experience, because I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed about!