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Various special effects can depict meteor showers, auroras, nebulae, alien atmospheres, and more! The effect is a realistic simulation of the night sky as seen from anywhere on the surface of the Earth.

With Internet connection, satellite TV hook-up, and laserdisc/DVD video capability, virtually any still or moving image can be projected onto the dome, from movies, to live NASA-TV, online streaming video or digital slideshow presentations. Planetarium shows for school groups or other organizations are available by reservation Monday through Friday, depending on class schedule during the semester.

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Consider this - no traffic jams, easy access, affordable accommodations, a relaxing retreat, modern facilities, and a slower pace. Travel about a 1/4 mile and the welcome center will be located on your right just past the Red Carpet Inn.

Take a fascinating journey into our universe and explore the stars, planets, constellations and other galaxies in our night sky.

Georgia's wonderful planetariums and observatories have shows and educational programs for the public and schools.

The VSU Planetarium serves as a valuable teaching tool and as a facility for an extensive public outreach program.

We also offer 6 public planetarium shows each year. Shows begin on Friday evenings at 8 pm and 9 pm sharp and last approximately 1 hour. Be Happy2Day is an international dating site specializing in foreign women seeking men for husbands.The shows are followed by observatory open house, if weather permits. These women may be located in the Ukraine, Russia, Latin America or the Asia Pacific region.Men must be careful as there are some scammers on these type dating sites but then you should be looking out for scammers on any dating site you visit.The new system utilizes six Sky-Skan edge-blended video projectors with digital light processing (DLP) technology to cover the entire dome with full-color, high resolution video.The college also has an observatory, located on Georgia state property near the Brasstown Valley Resort, only a short distance from campus. - The planetarium at Camp Sunrise is well equipped with over 75 special effects projectors and video projection, and the main star projector.features a GOTO Chronos Space Simulator star projector.