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I wanted to see the world, have adventures, and everyday not being happy is certainly a waste of a day.

I love to travel and I have taken even opportunity to do so.

i love foreplay and enjoy a good time No strings,,sound ok?

I love the idea of my dream military guy teaching me what he know, making me into his own little soldier, and of course I would love to teach my man about emergency medical care, the two of us making a team that learns together, grows together and becomes as close as two people can be. I love deeply, which has led to me being hurt, but I've always weathered the storm.If you are looking for an attractive, loving, yet independent girl to get to know better that would be me.After college I spent 6 months on my own in eastern and South Africa.Too bad I came back with the malaria as a souvenir!Men who are taught to work on their own or with a team to complete a mission, to me id very impressive.

Not to mention keeping a cool head when the whole world erupts aroused you into shit and you can't just stand there and die.I have nothing but respect for men who can get their way out of these situations and move on with what they are supposed to be doing while keeping their cool.I imagine it would be something like a rough day in surgery with a lot of surprises. I've always thought myself to be a good pick for a man in the military, I am undoubtedly loyal, faithful and honest.Need a BF (54220, Manitowoc, WI) Here's the skinny: I'm not into the whole hook up, one-nighter, roll in the hay thing. Me: Fun, unique, romantic, honest, educated and easy going.I'm African-American (in case that matters to anybody).......single mother that is looking for a little ''me'' time.