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The Off-Broadway Atlantic Theater Company, where Hangmen is now running, first brought Mc Donagh to the US 20 years ago, with its transfer of The Beauty Queen of Leenane.

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Writer and director Martin Mc Donagh has now broken his silence on the criticism, admitting that while it stung, he ultimately doesn't agree.“I don’t think his character is redeemed at all – he starts off as a racist jerk," Mc Donaugh told .He’s the same pretty much at the end, but, by the end, he’s seen that he has to change.In a new interview with , “Three Billboards” director Martin Mc Donagh explains the backlash as he views it, explaining that people who were expecting Rockwell’s character to earn some type of redemption are missing the point.RELATED: ‘Three Billboards’ Star Sam Rockwell’s Dad Stood Up For Him In New York Times Comment Section “It mostly comes from the idea of Sam Rockwell’s character, who’s a racist, bigoted a**hole, that his character is seemingly being redeemed, maybe,” says Mc Donagh.has emerged as something of a polarizing front runner.

The film has racked up top honors at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards, and is nominated at several upcoming award shows, including the Oscars.

Actors Frances Mc Dormand and Sam Rockwell have also emerged as frontrunners in their individual categories, but following the early critical raves and statuette success a backlash has formed. Rockwell plays a crooked, bigoted and downright stupid cop who is prone to random acts of violence and once tortured a black man in custody, an incident his superiors are willing to look past.

Of course, as with most movies, the character is challenged and undergoes changes as a result, and some view his ultimate arc as too tidy of a redemption story that excuses his previous actions in the process.

Other famous filmmakers to recently bemoan the streaming service include Steven Spielberg, who said films released through Netflix should not be eligible for Oscars.

“Once you commit to a television format, you’re a TV movie,” he said.

Martin Mc Donagh is to premiere a new play at the Bridge Theatre in London next year, starring Jim Broadbent.