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Although a rep for Minaj did not return a request for comment earlier in the week, TMZ now reports that she is neither expecting nor still in a relationship.

According to the outlet, They managed to keep the split under wraps until Media Fake Out published its bogus “exclusive” about a non-existent pregnancy. Gossip Cop also busted the webloid for falsely claiming Minaj was pregnant all the way back in 2011.

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” The online publication regurgitated all of the claims and concluded by asking readers, “Do you think Nicki is really pregnant?” As it turns, only one small part of the claims is accurate and it has nothing to do with the rapper being pregnant. But that court battle is unrelated to him supposedly having a baby with Minaj, which he is not.IDK it’s a lot of fluke shit going on and I will get to the bottom of it. June 11, 2012: Media Take just got some VERY EXCITING news . According to a TOP industry insider, Nas ALWAYS had a crush on Lauryn, but she was never SINGLE at the same time that HE WAS. Keyshia Cole appears to be going strong with her young boyfriend, Niko Khale, sharing loved-up photos on Instagram.

The 36-year-old singer also responded to reports of being with the 22-year-old rapper's child among other things!She also tweeted “ Too often we confuse being loved with being used.” In Nas crazy mind he may believe she doesn’t love him but she’s using him off the strength of how you out of nowhere become nasty crazy after Shether drop? & after Remy bodies you , you get on some player Sh! We’re told that Nas has told KELIS about his new baby on the way – and Kelis is JEALOUS about not being Nas ONLY babys mother – so she’s messing withe their custody arrangement. The enormous amount of love and respect that we have for each other will only increase as we move forward,” they said in a statement to US Weekly. We hope that Amara La Negra didn’t break up a happy home and that the couple separated before he moved on, but this seems like way too much of a coincidence to us.Are you here for this Usher/Amara union or is Amara just trying to land a celebrity husband while she still has some clout? [Nicki] found out she was pregnant during Thanksgiving and supposedly she supposed to announce her bundle of joy around the Grammys.