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Maybe she might want to check the people she is dating and let them know beforehand that this is the nature of the business and that they should take the good and the bad if they are interested in dating her.

If that doesn’t work…she can always give me a call because I promise I will understand…lol!

She attended York University and studied in the field of forensic psychology.

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“Fundamentally, we’re two very, very different people.” Check out the full interview, above!Gorgeous and talented artist, actress and model, Melyssa Ford is a Canadian Hip-hop icon and has been around the hip-hop genre for a while.Beloved but bad-luck-stricken Bravo reality show “Blood, Sweat & Heels” will not return to the air, Page Six has learned.We’re told that the network had hoped to bring the hit back for a third season after a long hiatus, but a slew of lawsuits over an on-air punch-up, and the unrelated death of fan-favorite cast member Daisy Lewellyn, proved too much to overcome.I thought she was an urban myth because i didn’t know anyone that ever seen her before.

Then this book came out and it defined an entire group. Your story and mind were very different stories.” According to Melyssa, she has had her share of financial struggle since she left her life as a video vixen. Being broke means when you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

The former video vixen stopped by The Breakfast Club to dish about her time in the limelight and past relationships. Melyssa also threw some shade at Karrine Steffans for giving video girls a bad rap.

She also insisted that in her day, no one really knew who “Superhead” was. Here’s the craziest part; Karrine, I’m sure that personally she’s a lovely girl. Here’s the truth of the matter, when I was on video sets, no one knew who this girl was.

Despite her advanced age, she looks like she is still in her 20’s.

She has a mixed ethnic heritage as her father is Afro-Barbadian, while her mother is Norwegian and Russian. Read Also: Chris Rock Net Worth, Wife, Divorce, Height, Brother, Wiki Ford attended York University where she studied forensic psychology.

So basically the blogs can make ish up cuz they got some BS “source???? If you were dating someone and your friends came back to you with every rumor they heard or was printed about your significant other, you don’t think it might tax the relationship?