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And the funny thing is the more people act like this, the more they seem self-aware of how toxic the fanbase is becoming, slowly dissippating and giving way for more of the toxicity to surface and the cycle continues. The sudden rise in popularity is because of it not being just your average dating sim and the fact that it plays with people's minds and emotions, kind of like what happened with Undertale, but Undertale has a bunch of material that can "cringify" a community, like how the high amount of main characters and different personalities can lead to "shipping", for example, or the low effort fan-comics and shorts.

Being a relatively new game, DDLC has yet to start producing these things.

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Plot The episode opens with a new fad spreading across the Kabukichou, one that Shinpachi has become caught up in, Love Choru Choris.A game that has been gaining popularity by giving the player some sort of virtual girlfriend, which to outsiders looks as if they can’t distinguish between reality and games. Since this wiki is still fairly bare, you are encouraged to contribute! Welcome to the unofficial English wiki for the pigeon dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend.But in the end the way to drag Shinpachi back is clear, Gintoki must play the game to reach his level, and to do this Kondo takes up under his wing to teach him the mechanics of the game.

First there are three heroines, the one he has the athletic Sayaka, the one Shinpachi has the older sister character Momo, and finally the widowed Pinko. However while he doesn’t want Pinko the decision process is a tough one, in order to get your desired heroine you have to play a game with near impossible odds and win, if you lose you’re stuck with Pinko.

The only way is by entering the world of Love Chorus and talking some sense into him.

Gintoki ends up choosing a unique heroine to be his girlfriend.

The eponymous visual novel which launched the series was released in early 2011 as a one-man project by doujin manga author Hato Moa.

Since then, the Hatoful Boyfriend has gained surprising popularity in Japan and something of a cult following the West, culminating in an HD remake published by Devolver Digital.

So having lost, he’s forced to go with her but faced with a frustrating set up process he slams it shut and leaves it at that, however he didn’t know that doing this makes the heroine pout.