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What to do when your parents are immortal and your best friend is a fireball throwing Veela? But when the Triwizard Tournament comes to Beauxbatons, the young Flamel has to survive both his former family and the trouble of his own fame. Ginny The Dementor attack on Harry leaves him kissed with his wand broken in an alleyway. Eventual God-like Harry, Unsure of eventual pairings.

There is very little reward versus the work involved. So a couple of nights ago we started talking about the most important topic left in a story going on 350,000 words, the ending.Honestly, the solution was a bit simpler than I expected, and I can say that work has begun again on this fic.We're getting closer to the final arc, and I hope everyone can be patient for a while longer.For those of you that read this, thank you for your interest in this story.We are still both The war is over, Voldemort was defeated and the summer draws to a close as the new school term begins. Will he return to school for his 7th year, be an Auror…or something else?

Read along as Harry finally has control of his own life…or does he? An unusual power will allow him to heal himself, help others, and grow strong in a world of magic.In time it became a burden, an actual literal burden that I just wanted to get rid of in the worst way.I'm not being woe is me, I'm not trying to beg for sympathy here.But a Death Eater's attack has changed Harry and Ron. At the end of 5th year, Remus whisks Rose Potter away to America to rest and decompress, far from the demands of wizarding Britain. What if the horcrux in Harry's scar hadn't quite been as contained by the Blood Wards as Dumbledore planned. Naruto becomes disenchanted with Konoha and the Sandaime Hokage when he stumbles upon the truth of who and what he is on his eighth birthday. After an exhausting month at work, Fleur was ready to enjoy the holiday with her husband until a sudden emergency call comes and an unexpected guest appears at her doorstep, derailing her whole life. When the Dursleys go to Japan, Dudley accidentally activates a security in MBI's locals that kill them. [AU/Time Travel]In 2013, Harry gets caught up in some powerful magic of questionable origins.Now, they're focused, driven, and as their fifth year at Hogwarts unfolds towards a climatic ending that rocks the wizarding world, Fleur is desperately trying to keep them safe from Voldemort, and themselves. A wizard who can kick down your door or a wizard who can look at you and know your every thought? And someone had the bright idea to bring him back to England. YAHF: Forever banished from his home universe when Xander's choice of Halloween costume leaves him a gift of great knowledge, he's forced to make a home for himself in this new world where superheros and villains are commonplace. When Harry James Potter walks into Hogwarts for the first time, Minerva realises that she made a huge mistake in leaving him with the Dursley's all those years ago. Xander Harris finds himself inside Lex Luthor's body in the DC Universe. Shelby Corcoran is looking for something too, only she knows what it is. In Las Vegas, she meets someone else dealing with serious personal problems: Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. Rather than twisting Harry's personality, it darkened his aura. Alice and Bella begin to uncover an intimate side to their friendship, but they soon realize desire is a slippery slope and what may make them happy could devastate the world around them. Now, what will MBI and Karasuba do with the child they found when they checked the Dursleys' car? Inadvertently, he drags an unsuspecting Blaise along with him back to the past.His life may be a video game, but nobody plays Harry Potter; Harry's going to exploit the system. "The village is being attacked," Sarutobi said against his better judgment, he was taking too long as it was, too long away from the front lines. Alone and unwanted, eight-year-old Harry finds solace and purpose in a conscious piece of Tom Riddle's soul, unaware of the price he would pay for befriending the dark lord. Things look bleak until two men arrive-Remo and Chiun-to take him from the Dursleys to teach him Sinanju in fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. They both decide to make amends and offer the diva their friendship. His Parents and their friends fawned over Thomas, no matter what the older brother did. He died protecting the hailed boy of prophecy and his bonds, a smile on his face as he went to join Rin and Minato in the afterlife. His love life, and everything else, is an absolute mess.