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Stored Procedures in Microsoft Access syntax used to work with Access Query objects is the same syntax used to work with stored procedures in the high-end databases.

In this application, however, we will use both ad Cmd Text and ad Cmd Stored Proc, so we will set the Command Type property before each use of the Command object throughout the application.In the "Load Customer List View" Sub, the contents of the Customer table is loaded into the listview.Before we jump into the tutorial you need to understand what stored procedures are.Stored procedures are programs consisting of SQL statements as well as logic to control the flow of processing.The process can be coded this way because although the Insert Customer and Update Customer procedures do different things, they take the exact same set of parameters (this is true only for the Access example presented in this article).

To build the Parameters collection of the Command object, we use two methods on top of each other.In contrast to the preceding application (which built an in-line SQL statement using a variable which was then assigned to the Command Text property of the Command object), this application first sets the Command Type property of the Command object to ad Cmd Stored Proc, then sets the Command Text property to "Select Customer", the name of the stored procedure to execute.Since the Select Customer procedure contains a SELECT statement, the procedure returns a recordset to the caller – so the recordset returned by the Execute method of the Command object is assigned to the Recordset object variable mobj Rst.They can contain both input and output parameters and can return values.A stored procedure is called this way because it is stored in the database rather than the" that is used to represent the Parameter object in the client-side (e.g.