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The main focus of Positive21 is on the emotional aspect of living with HIV—be it newly diagnosed or long term.

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Positive21 is a peer support/self-help group, rather than a counselling group, the aim of which is to share and offer moral support, information and advice in a confidential and safe environment to people with HIV.

The group embraces traditional support group procedures, whilst addressing the many issues and concerns faced in the 21st century.

Fake stats like that make finding a solution to the real problem of gun violence, which has actually struck American schools at least six times this year, that much harder.

Amping up fears, and muddying the search for fixes that can cut back the senseless violence, only undermines efforts to reconcile the real concerns of parents and the legitimate desire of civil rights advocates to protect the Bill of Rights.

Cambridge Analytica is accused of harvesting data to build profiles on 50 million Facebook users, who agreed to fill out a survey, in an attempt to help Team Trump target specific voters with ads and stories.

Shapiro noted that Facebook didn’t object when Obama’s team used tactics similar to what Trump’s campaign employed, noting that a former Obama campaign staffer recently admitted Facebook didn’t try to stop Obama’s 2012 re-election team because the company wanted him to win.We are a registered charity and all our funding comes from private donations and fund raising events and is therefore unaffected by funding cuts.Much has changed since HIV was discovered more than 30 years ago.Shapiro surfaced a 2012 report from The Guardian that proclaimed Obama’s reelection team was mining data through Facebook to target specific voters.The Guardian is also the publication that reported on political data analytics company Cambridge Analytica and its ties to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.includes any discharge of a firearm at a school — including accidents — as a ‘shooting.’ It also includes incidents that happened to take place at a school, whether students were involved or not.” The Post should have kept including caveats.