My mom in a sex chat

I'm sure they had other differences leading up to the separation, but the career status thing was the biggee.It certainly couldn't have been that my mom wasn't woman enough.

Mom was next door, masturbating, thinking her son was screwing her.Her hand rubbing her soaking cunt, her legs splayed apart, enjoying witha stranger.When I reached the top of the stairs I could hear her humming softly.The light in her bedroom was on and the door was partly opened. " "Hi there," she replied cheerfully and I could tell instantly that part of that cheer had been liquid that evening.She was certainly not a centerfold candidate, but no man in his right mind would kick her out of bed.

Anyway, this all happened over three years ago, and everything turned out for the best.

she looked really tierd , probably she would have told the truth that she was busy earlier…… i waited for few minutes again sent her a sms “did you comparing the size of my penis with the can! ” I sent her”That wouldn’t be keeping with the rules.” I wanted to know more about my mom , hit the bullet again asking her… ” I simply answered “Yes.” I sent her a msg “Its my turn, do you shave” couldnt beleive my mom would send me “ya i do , but its been a while, now its hairy!!!!

As soon she entered the room gave a smile and said dinner would be ready in another 30 mins. ” “I don’t know…I’ve never actually measured it.” “Get a scale measure it and let me know” “ok” After few minutes i sent her “i dont have a scale but i compared the size with a charlie spray, its almost exactly the same size as my…penis.” As i knew my moms favourite is charlie so its easy for her to compare the size of my penis. ” In seconds “36 d” As i read the msg 36 D , Pre-come was oozing from the head of my dick. Sent her “Wow…” Got a quick reply from mom “its my turn are you a…virgin?

“i can clearly see that you are interested in chatting with me than buying the house, is it so!

” I was totally stuck with the question, dont know how to manage it so I answered: “I’ve seen you around the spencers daily , you were looking beautiful and sexy, but I don’t know ur name” After sending the msg, i could hear my heart beats racing like a formula 1 car speeding up, and at the other end my penis is getting hard after mentioning her she looks sexy……..i was wondering if she found me out, then what else would happen….she would send me out of the house and i wont have a chance to meet her again…suddenly within minutes i got her reply…..

She is fair in color and her boobs are really huge and those two cannot be kept with in her Bra and Blouse. Most of masturbation sessions in the bathroom that time were thinking about her only.