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Elaine and Jerry see George's father talking to a strange looking man wearing a cape but it's Donna who gets the scoop when she speaks to George's mother.

Elaine is having trouble talking to her friend Noreen because Noreen's friend Paul won't stop chatting when she calls so she's taken to just hanging up, something that has a effect on Elaine and Paul's relationship.

More importantly - The Costanzas make their first appearance in season 6, and they're both brilliant - as is Larry David in his most memorable cameo of the show's run.The season 6 scripts weren't as tight and precise as the ones in seasons 4 and 5, but this is one of the episodes in which the new writing found its footing and the new season found its voice.Laura arranges for a girlfriend to call her and to pretend to be Laura's fiancé, since men respect boundaries only when they’re set by other men."The Stakeout"Vanessa meets her friend Elaine's ex, Jerry, who's apparently a professional comedian, even though Vanessa is exactly as funny as he is and also has a law degree and passed the bar.While she kind of likes him, Vanessa doesn't make a move because she doesn't want to set off down a path where, in a year, every party that she and Elaine attend ends with Elaine screaming, "I GUESS FEMALE FRIENDSHIP IS A MYTH!Kramer meanwhile is worried about his fertility, wondering if he's the last of the Kramer line.

He goes to a clinic but is unnerved when the doctor tells him to stop wearing jockey shorts.She decides she'll shake things up during an upcoming trip to New York by sleeping with an extremely confident**—and very neurotic—**club comedian she once met, named Jerry.But, on the ride back to his apartment, she remembers that all his jokes were about, like, socks getting lost in the dryer.And I don’t have his phone number.” [From the New York Post] What an awkward situation.I’m sure Seinfeld gets hit up for money all the time, which is probably why he has so many people acting as barriers." A couple of days later, Jerry shows up outside Vanessa's workplace.