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One of the more aggressive ways Arrow sought to collect on old unpaid credit card debts was to use the courts.

It is difficult to find much public information about who purchased the Arrow portfolio, or portions of it.According to a person I spoke with last week, they have a former arrow judgment account that they tracked to LVNV now owning.Arrow and other bad debt investors rely on the fact that 90% or so of people are not sure about how to deal with a debt collection lawsuit.People get served a summons and complaint on an unpaid credit card bill and tend to put their head in the sand.What winds up happening when the lawsuit gets ignored, or where a person was not aware they were being sued (it happens), is a default judgment is entered.

Those judgments can then be collected on, or even sold off to another debt buyer.When he came home, I told him that I did not want to know anything. Arrow Financial Services was once a major player in buying up bad debts like charged off credit card bills.Healing from a relationship with a sociopath is hard, often brutally hard. No Contact/No Emotion Yet, as soon as possible, no contact with a sociopath is important. I just finished reading a book published by a self-proclaimed sociopath, and he described it as needing “fuel.” Just as we all need oxygen to breathe, food to eat, and shelter to keep us at a comfortable temperature, sociopaths need to trigger emotions in others because sociopaths are fueled by controlling others.Don’t add to that by being hard on yourself if your own path is filled with dark days and setbacks–even setbacks you may have caused by diverting from a path of “no contact.” We are human. Seek support from those who understand and will not judge. If no contact isn’t possible for legal, custody or other reasons, keeping the contact minimal and totally devoid of emotion is critical. Your emotion (just knowing you will react emotionally even if the sociopath cannot witness it) is evidence of that control. Our Emotion is Like a Drug to The Sociopath—It Fuels Them That’s one of the reasons sociopaths strive for continued contact with former victims.I had already informed my son and my husband that I would NOT be meeting any more ‘girls’ in my son’s life.