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When the Soviet Union collapsed, some commentators rejoiced that now Russia was capitalist we had witnessed the “end of history”, and one Conservative theorist told us there would be eternal peace because “no two countries with a Mc Donalds ever go to war”.Presumably Boris Johnson and Theresa May denounced these enthusiasts for the new regime as traitors, and at no point saw Putin as an ally, otherwise they would have to now shout in Parliament: “Some people, such as me, were such opponents of decency and democracy that we welcomed this brutal regime.

Other people have pointed out that Conservative MPs have received four times as much money for appearances on Russia Today than Labour MPs, but that’s different, because they’ve been on innocent bits of Russia Today, commentating on snooker or presenting a Russian version of Theresa May has already shown how robust she is in opposing Putin.

Later she explained her decision, saying, “It is true that international relations were a factor in the government’s decision-making.” But that was different, because back then the Russian government were kind poisoners.

For the time has come to set aside our setting aside of the Cold War mindset, as the only true friends are those who were friends with our enemies until the other day.

I hope that’s perfectly clear.” With similar consistency, the City of London has been resolute over the years, insisting that no matter how much money Putin’s oligarchs may have, their money isn’t welcome in an institution as ethically pure as the British banking system.

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Their poison was tasty, with a delicate mix of flavours, grapefruit with a hint of fennel, not like these cruel slapdash types they send to Salisbury who wouldn’t get past the first round of Boris Johnson also proved his toughness on Putin by insisting we should carry out air strikes to assist him in Syria.

Following a trip to Paris he wrote: “Many French people think the time has come to do a deal with their new friends the Russians, and I think they are broadly right…

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