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Like that it automatically saves on exit and its dictionary feature (allowing me to add phrases in foreign languages) when I'm writing.

Did you know that with an Office 365 subscription, you can unlock the full power of Office across all of your devices? Honesty, this would be so much better if this was a free tool that didn't need Office 365 to use it to its full potential, and if I did that I would be better off installing actual Word (either Office 365 or Office 2016) on my Surface Pro 4 rather than a watered down version.It would be nice if this watered down version allowed for basic text editing without the need for a subscription and anything that could be considered a "premium" feature require 365.* Continuum for phones is only available on select Windows 10 premium phones.A Continuum-compatible accessory is required, along with an external monitor that supports HDMI input. We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability.This isn't such a huge issue since I can just move it later but it would be helpful. Over and over I see reviews stating that the user can edit and save documents for free.

All I'm getting is a screen that tells me that I need an Office 365 subscription at .95 a month to do anything other than read-only. Para pelanggan anda pasti akan lebih mempercayai anda setelah melihat no phone sebagai ‘first impression’ dan paling BEST mereka boleh mengingati no andadidalam ingatan mereka.1858 No telefon Cantik Untuk Dimiliki dan banyak klik disini(link nye bro letak sy pnye page) DIBAWAH MERUPAKAN SENARAI NO TELEFON VIP/VVIP UNTUK ANDA MILIKI .• Use familiar, rich formatting and layout options to express your ideas.• Document format and layout stay pristine and look great—no matter what device you use.It is very simple and straightforward, though since it is free it is missing the full features that Word (not mobile) has, but this is also a mobile version to that is expected. I wouldn't mind paying more for the rest of the program, but I do NOT want to pay monthly for the rest of my life.