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Once, a man asked if she would be willing to have phone conversations with him weekly, for money.

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Eichler initially messaged Doe about potential job opportunities.When Doe expressed interest in hearing more, the messages shifted from professional, she alleged. Here’s my number if you wanna play,” wrote Eichler, according to court filings. Women have long complained of unsavory conduct on Linked In, but in the California state court complaint (filed by the law firm of celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos), Doe argues that an employer is responsible for employee behavior on the platform. One of the messages included a photograph of his genitals.Mc Donald sometimes responds by saying she’s not interested, stressing that she uses Linked In for professional purposes.

“Some people don’t say anything; some people come back and are pretty cruel,” she said.“Once we were made aware of the allegations, we began an investigation that is ongoing.”Linked In encourages members to report harassment by flagging conversations as “inappropriate or offensive.” The company said it investigates incidents and takes “appropriate action,” which can include being barred from the platform.In addition to reporting them, members can also block harassers. In a telephone interview, Doe said she was shocked after receiving the photo but didn’t know how to block him on the Linked In app.If you do, you From December 2015 and March of this year, Doe, who works for a Fortune 500 company in California, and Aaron Eichler, identified in the complaint as a managing director at Sun Trust Robinson Humphrey Inc., a unit of Sun Trust Banks Inc., exchanged several dozen messages.The two met when Doe, at a previous employer, worked on a deal that involved Eichler’s company, Doe said in an interview.Amara La Negra is riding high these days and recently announced her next single, “Insecure,” will drop on March 19. Czj QTg Ytb — A M A R A (@Amara La Negra ALN) March 12, 2018 has reported that the two are dating after they captured a photo of the pair leaving an LA nightclub last week but no confirmations have been made from either camp.