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First, I'm using a straight property for my Observable Collection.We know the framework will handle any add/remove operations to this collection.One of my first hunches is that you are bound to the uninitialized parts member.

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A selection from the first listbox will populate the second list box.

I have a class created that stores the information I want to bind to.

UPDATE - CODE INCLUDED Sorry for not including code, I thought it would be easier to just describe but here are the main View Model properties You're not modifying the Observable Collection itself (such as adding/removing items) but the items INSIDE that collection.

The Observable Collection is responsible for notifying its own changes, not changes pertaining to its items.

for example, if you List Box is binded to a Observable Collection, the Data Context inside the List Box will be a Person object and not the parent's datacontext.

If you have a Text Block with a binding, the binding will point to a Person Object, in other words, person Instance. In the setter you should fire off a Property Changed event to inform the binding subsystem that it should rebind to the property.This ensures that if you provide a new collection for the Parts property, it will rebind (Observable Collection will handle the rest, like notifying when a part is added or removed from the collection).I'm using the MVVM pattern and want to update a List View using an observable collection. Namespace: Here your Property Track List Observable must be a INotify Property or Dependency Property.I went through several SO questions, but cannot see what I'm doing wrong. So that only you can achieve the result what you want.I have an observable collection in the view model that implements Bindable Base as follows Please have a look at the Move Up and Move Down methods where they are bound to two buttons in the view. I have some cs code as well for the both up and down buttons specified below the viewmodel.