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If we have missed something, please do ask us a question when you are sending your RSVPs. Big love, Paul and Olga xx The ceremony and the wedding reception will take place at the gorgeous Light House Jurmala, right on the beach.If you decide to make your own way there, the address is 1a Gulbenes street, Dzintari, Jurmala, Latvia.

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The king size duvet is rolled onto the other side of my bed save for a small amount…We would love for you to stay and celebrate with us the following day too.The plan is to head back to the wedding venue after breakfast (and possibly check out) at your hotel and spend the day on the beach sunbathing, swimming, playing volleyball and generally being merry.We think we did a pretty good job at answering any questions you might have.Whether it’s getting to Latvia, spending a couple extra days there or visiting its lovely neighbours, finding the wedding venue, resting your weary heads after you’re all danced out, spending more time with us or giving us pressies (*wink*) – it’s all here.We have arranged for transport departing from Riga city centre (exact location TBC) to your hotel in Jurmala on the day of the wedding (aren’t we nice! You will find more information about the pick up and drop off location and time here soon.