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But as I said in opening, it’s meant to be that way.

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[JFK assassin Lee Harvey] Oswald in Mexico City remains still a mystery. The CIA’s plan was set back when the Cuban Government turned down Oswald’s application for visa. FBI Dossier Among JFK Assassination Files" data-reactid="29"Also Read: Martin Luther King Jr. Beyond this matter is the general absence of complete files on key players such as Howard Hunt, William Harvey, David Atlee Phillips (CIA, Mexico), Anne Goodpasture (CIA, Mexico City) and George Joannides (CIA, Miami). Illegible documents are “declassifiable,” but according to James Di Eugenio (“Reclaiming Parkland,” “Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination”), even if these pages were to be put through an OCR machine, they still wouldn’t be recognizable.

Also Read: 5 JFK Conspiracy Theories on His 100th Birthday (Photos)" data-reactid="32"Also Read: 5 JFK Conspiracy Theories on His 100th Birthday (Photos)At other times, “NOT BELIEVED RELEVANT” becomes another category of document.

Putin said that he believes the NSA went too far in its snooping practices.'Trying to spy on your allies if you really consider them allies, and not vassals, is just indecent.

Because it undermines trust,' Putin said in reference to the revelation that the US government eavesdropped on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and several members of her cabinet.

'I resigned because I didn't agree with the actions undertaken by the government,' Putin told Stone.

When asked about the record of Russian intelligence, the president stated that the Russian secret services perform their tasks in compliance with the law and rules.

Nosenko was a victim of Angleton’s terrifying mole hunt (see “Wilderness of Mirrors” and Morley’s new biography on Angleton); unfortunately, a screwed-up movie, “The Good Shepherd,” touched on this with Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie, but prevented other movies from being made on this subject.

Also Read: Chrissy Teigen Mocks Ann Coulter's Weird JFK Tweet" data-reactid="35"Also Read: Chrissy Teigen Mocks Ann Coulter's Weird JFK Tweet7.

Martin’s Press, 2017) and also works as the editor of JFK Facts, explains Oswald as a “marked card” in the game, i.e.

a soldier/pawn to be used as needed, which, to my mind, very well fits the Oswald profile.4. Angleton, it seems, intended for Oswald to go to Cuba and used his stay in New Orleans to gain his bona fides as a pro-Cuba agent. For example, the CIA apparently has 11 pages on [former New Orleans DA Jim] Garrison, but 8 pages are blanked out completely.6.

Putin is the subject of Stone's upcoming Showtime special called The Putin Interviews, which is set to air beginning June 12th over four consecutive nights.