Online dating site reviews zoosk

Zoosk carousel system lets users to rate photos of other members to show their interest.

You can scroll through a carousel of profiles that suits your preferences. Performing simple tasks like liking their page on Facebook, installing mobile apps, subscribing and filling out information on other popular services can help its users earn coins.

Zoosk keeps dating an enjoyable experience by offering game-like matching systems, coins, winks and virtual gifts to attract potential matches.

Zooskers are allowed to create and send “icebreakers” to help bond with their matches better.

The website is connected with Facebook News Feed which notifies about the activity of other Zooskers.

Established and popular dating app Large user base Connected with social media networks Quick and easy profile creation Limited search options Automatic membership renewal Cannot look at members’ profile without subscription This simple, elegant and modern dating application stands out of the crowd with its innovative and eye catching features.

The combination of mobile platform and powerful behavioral matching system makes it to be the most sought after dating application till date.

Zoosk was launched as a Facebook application in 2007 and has widened itself as the most popular dating website connecting millions across social media sites.

It caters to more than 50 million members from more than 70 countries worldwide.

It is the largest dating application with more than 5 million visits a month especially through the Facebook accounts.

People date, meet and flirt with other users on the app and build casual or serious relationships.

It analyzes the user’s preferences and uses this information to suggest matches.

Though Zoosk automatically helps in finding matches, it also allows its users to search matches on their own.

But, still users have a fair amount of chances to find potential matches to its ever-growing fan base from all walks of life.