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History is replete with examples: the color of the sand, the types of uniforms they’re wearing, the kinds of vehicles being deployed, the number of people and what they’re wearing, whether they have facial hair, stuff like that,” he said.“That’s what militaries are concerned about, people piecing bits and pieces together.” — Associated Press researcher Yu Bing contributed to this report.The Chinese Internet prohibitions are a brief part of lengthy internal affairs regulations issued by the Communist Party’s Central Military Affairs Commission.

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Online dating was given the boot, along with blogs, personal websites and visits to Internet cafes.It may seem harsh and out of touch, particularly for troops posted in remote regions of China who have little contact with the civilian world.The regulations do not apply to civilians serving in military research and training academies.It’s also not known how authorities in China plan to enforce the restrictions.A report on a military news website said the Xigaze Military District in central Tibet is working with the local government and women’s federation to help troops find partners.

Ho, the researcher in Singapore, said the restrictions are meant to prevent people from getting an inside look at the military.

“But we can talk about it more over dinner.” And with that we’re back in the “real” world, leaving a vast population in the virtual universe to chat and caress their way into the night.

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Internet cafes in small towns are packed with youngsters playing games.

Ni, the Chinese military affairs expert, said in the past soldiers had been allowed to visit Internet cafes in plainclothes and some had become addicted to the pastime.

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