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Style = normal Style End With Loop End With End Sub Private Sub Convert Bold() Active Document.

Text, vb Cr) Then ' Just process the chunk before any newline characters ' We'll pick-up the rest with the next search .

Found here: Word2Media Wiki The source code of this macro has a lot in common with Word2Wiki, but has some additions.

When set to false the user does not see the screen flutter as the program runs its course. Thanks Nick Using this turned a slow Viewcursor "turtle" into a racing car. Some functions like Viewcursor movements and getting its positions didn't like it and became unreliable.

Hi, I am working on optimizing some existing Star Office 8 (PU10) basic macros.

Like I have 36 entries then 36 attachments get attached on every mail Here is what I currently have: (Using Excel 2003 and Outlook 2003) A- Name B- Email Address C- Subject Line D- The Body of the Email E-Z- Attachments Sub Send_Files() 'Working in 2000-2010 Dim Out App As Object Dim Out Mail As Object Dim sh As Worksheet Dim cell As Range, File Cell As Range, rng As Range With Application . Screen Updating = False End With Set sh = Sheets("Sheet1") Set Out App = Create Object("Outlook.

Value & "," & vb New Line & vb New Line & _ Get Boiler(cell.

(possibly related to this) To use this Microsoft Word to Wiki converter, copy the code below and save it to word2 Screen Updating = False 'Heading 1 to Heading 5 Convert Paragraph Style wd Style Heading1, "== ", " ==" Convert Paragraph Style wd Style Heading2, "=== ", " ===" Convert Paragraph Style wd Style Heading3, "==== ", " ====" Convert Paragraph Style wd Style Heading4, "===== ", " =====" Convert Paragraph Style wd Style Heading5, "====== ", " ======" Convert Italic Convert Bold Convert Underline Convert Lists Convert Tables ' Copy to clipboard Active Document.

Text, vb Cr) Then ' Just process the chunk before any newline characters ' We'll pick-up the rest with the next search . Move End Until vb Cr End If ' Don't bother to markup newline characters (prevents a loop, as well) If Not .

Below: Function fn Set Doc To Visible() '// will set all open Star Office documents to visible '// uses code taken from '// '// returns an string array of open document o Enum as object, o Pos Doc as object, i as integerdim o Listbox Docs as objectdim m Titles() as stringdim m Docs() o Enum = Star Components.create Enumeration'// iterate over all open Star Office Documentsi = -1while o More Elements o Pos Doc = o Element'// if document set to hidden then make visible'// and return names of all hidden documents i = i 1 redim preserve m Docs(i) redim preserve m Titles(i) m Docs(i) = o Pos Doc m Titles(i) = o Pos Current Property Value("Title") m Docs(i)Current Controller()Frame()Container Window().

The file that was linked from Column D had been moved into a different folder.

I guess I figured if the file had been moved it would still execute the email, only the file would be absent.

Thank you we have Ms exel 2007, & in our company we use to share the incentive files with our executives, every employee contribute 30-40 cases in my file, & we can not share there data with other executive, hence we have to send the individual mails with there data.

Although I warned a colleague, he was a bit freaked out when his Star Office window and the task bar icon disapeared.