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Click on the rooms icon (the door with green arrow icon near top of the chat window) On the bottom right hand side of that window is a button for “Create Room” If anyone needs for details I will be happy to provide graphics and explanations of passwords and stuff.For now, we are not going to make it a rule that men can not com into the main system’s lesbian room – you are welcome to block/iggy any male names, or any name for that matter.

With the current chat room, I know there is the obvious issue of people coming in with male names and making stupid comments like “I can convert you with my mad crazy pussy eating skills” and shit like that.

We also are going to have guys coming in with female names, and that’s an issue.

Some men will just logout and come back with a different name, and other things.

There are other options with the current chat system however.

If you want a lesbian, “Girls only room” – the easiest way to do this is to create your own room.

When you create your own room, you can essentially make the rules anyway you want, and the room creator can also kick out anyone they do not want in the room for any reason.

(Post updated and changes made to the info here, June 19, 2001 – original post was Feb 8 2011) We had a complaint about an issue with someone who was going by a name with shemale in it recently, and as to where most of the complaint that I was originally sent had to do with confusion about our policies and access that the mods have, there was more to the story that I think deserves some clarification.

After reading and responding to that complaint, I was sent a portion of some of the discussion that occurred I guess after the main incident that was being complained about originally, and it may be something that we have not specifically touched upon here, or in the rules, or even on the open question post about when do men cross the line in the lesbian chat room here.

We have had a few suggestions and a few complaints about the lesbian chat room.

I’m not sure what exactly to do about the lesbian room.

In a perfect world we could keep a lesbian room and forum section for verified females who are all adults and who are all definitely lez or bi.