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) But that’s not the bit about tonight that I was meant to be telling you about!

So the first Experiment Topic was Age, and my first Experiment Idea was to revisit Speed Dating.

The reality though, of getting older and dating guys who are considerably younger than you, is that settling down is never really going to be an option. A cougar who doesn’t want children, and is happy to wait around for marriage, or has already been there and done it before. ) who settles down quickly, and acts decades older than his ID suggests ….

But for the most part, if you’re in your thirties, and considering serious relationships, then guys considerably younger are unlikely to be a realistic option. I’m not considering a serious relationship just yet!

At least part of the reason why I tend to date younger guys is the fact that I spent three years travelling.

It’s almost as if I stepped away from normal life for that entire time, only to slot back into the real world on my return, at the same age I was before I left.

There’s always a weird air of desperation in the air, which combined with the forced, structured communication, ends up manifesting itself in awkward conversation, and forced, fixed smiles, which you grow tired of very quickly.

So my first ‘Experiment’ was to sign up to a Speed Dating event which I was too old for.

Dating younger guys has always worked out way better for me than dating older ones.

Whilst I’d never consider myself immature, I don’t necessarily act my age.

As Tyler Durden (who is in his very early twenties) pointed out the other day, I have the musical taste of a teenage girl, I watch Hollyoaks religiously, and I read and write teenage fiction.

In fact he actually teased me for acting younger than he does!

Regular readers of the blog will know I haven’t had great experiences in the past at Speed Dating events in the past!