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Today we got word from HP that the fix is indeed coming.In fact, it's due today, and it's coming in the form of an update to the the web OS App Catalog.Granted, this isn't as much of a stealth update - the sole purpose of this update to the App Catalog is to install a new, later-expiring root certificate.

In fact, we'd expect a shutdown from HP's web OS servers before the new certificates expire. Sprint has released what looks like the official release note for web OS firmware 1.2.0, the one that was recently leaked early.For those running older versions of web OS, you'll have to go into the App Catalog and manually download the HP App Catalog Update app.Seeing as the update is to replace the certificate that expires on July 23, you'll need to do this before July 23.If you've been watching the web OS Nation Forums or the web OS community on Twitter, you may have seen the troubling reports that a vital "root certificate" on web OS devices is due to expire on July 23, 2013.

This certificate is responsible for ensuring secure access to HP's web OS cloud services, including backup and the App Catalog, and once it expires, there's no accessing those services.In addition, according to Sprint, web OS 1.2 is to be released today, but if you check on the Pre -- no firmware update is available, yet.We'll report when the update is available, probably in a few hours if it's not just another error. They need to work on an on screen keyboard and text fwding rather than dumb things like that. Betty need to allow a way to save email on the pre.It's a problem, a ticking time bomb, if you will.We've been wondering if or when HP was going to fix the issue, and indeed had heard rumblings that a fix was in the works and due - wait for it - in the coming weeks.TLB I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. I hate when I've missed calls or message and palm andsittin over there black and calm as can be....