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Cox was initially rumored to be considering a run for New York Governor George Pataki's seat in 2006 should Pataki not seek re-election. Initial reports indicated Cox would run as a fiscal conservative and an environmentalist.

Pataki did not run again, but Cox later chose instead to seek the seat held by incumbent U. Senator Hillary Clinton (D) in the 2006 New York U. However, after Governor Pataki endorsed rival Republican, Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, Cox announced on October 14 that he was no longer running.

There were girls always hanging around my trailer." "Now when people compliment me, it's flattering.

Before it wasn't; I felt you could've taken any two kids, stuck them in the show and cranked out the same effect," he added.

Alley also confessed to that she had an affair while married to her first husband, Bob Alley, who was her high school sweetheart.

(The two were wed from 1970-77.) While she didn't have sex with the man, whom she identified only as Jake, things did get physical.

Chris Jacobs, among others, during which she has revealed she fell in love with co-stars Patrick Swayze and John Travolta.

PHOTOS: ' Dancing with the Stars All-Stars' Cast: Bristol Palin, Kirstie Alley and More Return Of Swayze, with whom Alley starred in the actress said the two had an immediate attraction.

He is the author of "Reinvigorating the FTC: The Nader Report and the Rise of Consumer Advocacy," 72 Antitrust Law Journal 899 (2005) and has lectured on the legal aspects of cogeneration financing and of the sale of venture companies.

In 20, Cox chaired John Mc Cain's presidential campaign efforts within the State of New York.

"Suddenly all the (publicity) machinery was cranking up: the lunch boxes, posters, T-shirts," he remembered.

"And there was this teenage audience that got locked into the show… I couldn't go to the beach, I couldn't go to Mc Donald's.

Stevenson worried that the show would typecast him as a clean-cut teen idol to the detriment of his future career.