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Source: Wenweipo Selena Li praises Patrick Tang as a good man Earlier, Selena had been photographed shopping for dog clothes with her rumoured boyfriend Patrick Tang and after they had been reported having an underground love relationship, their career have been developed very well, when Selena was asked about that, she smiled embarrassed while saying: "Did we ever have underground (love)?

We haven't changed, besides I have also kept working. ) He and me are still good friends, not underground or what, anyway we will still keep having contact, but we don't meet up every day." Asked if Patrick is an investment from excellent quality (優質股)?

Selena was earlier being photographed shopping for pet accessoires together with her rumoured boyfriend Patrick Tang and reported that their underground love changed into overground, about that Selena smiled saying: "No change, we are still good friend, (Is Patrick a long blue-chip (大�籌) worth?

Yesterday Selena admitted that she was in a relationship with Patrick Tang.

Meanwhile, the actress, who recently had filmed intimate scenes with ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang in "Slow Boat Home", revealed that the scenes were done professionally and no feelings were involved.

on Saturday afternoon (April 14) in Palm Springs, Calif.

He said unhappily: "When I go out with a female friend, then we get rumoured, now go out with with a male friend and we get rumoured, soon I get rumoured having mother-son-love relationship when I go out with my manager.

But many of my friends have already stated they will not meet up with me until my drama has finished airing.

I'll have to become a supernerd (超級宅男) again." As for Selena Li, who had been rumoured dating Patrick Tang for four years, but due to keep her career she changed into a underground love relationship.

Earlier, she was photographed shopping with Patrick for dog clothes.

Selena Li praises Patrick Tang as a good man Source: Takungpao Yesterday, Halina Tam, Selena Li, Sammul Chan, Nancy Wu, Anderson Junior etc.

filmed episodes of an investment gameshow hosted by Dodo Cheng called "財智�人".

Rumoured couple Selena Li and Patrick Tang were spotted returning to Hong Kong together earlier and Patrick continues to deny that they are dating, just smiling: "We are very good friends. Her acting is better than Linda Chung's and Kate Tsui's acting but she wasn't even mentioned as a front runner for the award. Her acting is much more natural and I can definitely see her improving at a much higher rate than Linda Chung (who by the way is a block of wood with bad skin).